Smoking tobacco remains a globally prevalent habit, with users exhibiting specific preferences for taste and odor. These preferences can be customized by incorporating activated carbon in the smoking device, typically within the filter tips. We supply our activated carbon products to tobacco companies and toll manufacturers, who then integrate it into the device to cater to their customers’ preferences. Our carbons not only meet but also exceed industry standards
for performance and cleanliness, ensuring that the final product delivers on both taste and quality expectations.

Combined media filter tips/Dalmatian filters

Activated carbon is commonly integrated directly into the filter tips of cigarettes, using a method where fine grain activated carbon coats cellulose acetate fibers before forming the final filter assembly. Known as Dalmatian filters, this technique ensures rapid adsorption kinetics crucial for absorbing substances within the brief contact time of each puff. Additionally, product enhancements focus on optimizing manufacturing processes and targeting the specific adsorption of tobacco smoke constituents.


Cavity Filters

Cavity filters employ a traditional approach by filling a void in the filter tip assembly with activated carbon of an intermediate grain size, aimed at adsorbing smoke components. The key is to maintain a delicate balance in particle size, minimizing resistance to the smoker’s puff for ease of inhalation, while also ensuring adequate adsorption kinetics to effectively capture the desired tobacco constituents.

Cavity Filters


Activated carbon is utilized in small, porous capsules for insertion into smoking devices like pipes and holders, serving a similar role to its use in cigarette filter tips. It’s also instrumental in the tobacco industry for the removal of preservatives and pesticides from tobacco during transportation and storage, using activated carbon filtration to manage environmental emissions. Additionally, activated carbon filtration is increasingly employed in designated smoking areas within buildings, such as smoker rooms in airports and restaurants, and in home and office air filtration systems, to effectively remove tobacco smoke.

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