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What is Activated Carbon?

Activated Carbon is a porous type of Carbon produced from various carbon-rich materials such as wood, coconut shells, coal, etc., produced through carbonization and activation. The carbonization process initially removes most non-carbon elements like hydrogen and oxygen in a gaseous form, developing internal pores. Subsequently, the material undergoes chemical or steam activation, which enhances the quantity and size of these pores, resulting in a substantial internal surface area. Due to its well-developed pore structure and extensive internal surface area, Activated Carbon has remarkable adsorption capabilities and is available in granular, pelletized, and powder forms.

  • Activated Carbon features three types of pore volume categories:
  • Micro Pores(<2 nm wide) for adsorbing molecules, 
  • Meso Pores (2-50 nm) wide for transporting,
  • Macro Pores >50 nm wide as entry points for contaminated molecules.
activated carbon

Contaminated molecules enter through the Macro Pores, transported by the Meso Pores, and ultimately get adsorbed by the Micro Pores, sticking to the internal surfaces. Not all molecules adhere to the Activated Carbon surface equally; smaller molecules can diffuse more into the structure and cover a larger surface area than larger molecules due to the varying sizes of the pores.

Our products

Activated Carbon Solutions Inc. (ACSI) specializes in offering value-added activated carbon products that are both premium in quality and affordable. Our leadership in the global manufacturing of activated carbon filter media and related products is a testament to our commitment to excellence and value for our customers.

granular activated carbon

granular activated carbon suppliers

Pelletized Activated Carbon

pellet activated carbon

Powdered Activated Carbon

Powdered Activated Carbon

Impregnated Activated Carbons

Impregnated Activated Carbon

Different Raw Materials of Activated Carbon


We are dedicated to collaborating with our customers in order to develop the technologies of tomorrow and address the purification challenges of today. Our range of activated carbon products is specifically designed to meet a wide range of applications, including , water Treatment, Water Filter, Air/Gas Purification, Gold Recovery, Solvent Recovery, Biogas Desulfurization, Food and Beverage, mercury removal applications. With the support of our expert team, we take pride in providing professional technical support and delivering activated carbon products and solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of different scenarios.

Why Choose ACSI Company?

Our commitment to quality has supported customers’ success globally, and we look forward to being your reliable supplier and partner.

Raw materials advantages


Our facility and several joint venture partnerships support our manufacturing operations. This setup ensures access to abundant, high-quality raw material sources, effectively reducing the cost of raw materials.

Technical advantages


Our growth is built on technical excellence in process and product, ensuring consistent quality for all our customers worldwide.


Innovative implementation and continuous review drive our cycle of creating competitive value.



Our sustainable business practices prioritize energy conservation and efficient resource management throughout the journey from production to delivery.

Good Serivice Team


We offer comprehensive pre-sale, sale, and after-sale services, guaranteeing timely support whenever our customers need it.

Assured Quality Certification


Our dedication to Assured Quality ensures that all our offerings adhere to the highest levels of quality and excellence, providing our clients with unmatched reliability and performance.

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