Solvent recovery

Activated carbon utilization for solvent recovery is economically beneficial for industrial applications. It enables solvent reuse, minimizes emissions, reduces material and energy costs, and prevents harmful releases, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
ACSI offers a comprehensive range of coal and coconut, both granular and pelletized activated carbon, and expert advice to optimize solvent recovery
across diverse industries. We also provide extensive technical support and expertise in carbon handling to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
Solvent recovery

The solvent recovery process has several desorption techniques:

  • Steam Desorption: Low-pressure dry steam releases solvents from the carbon bed for immediate reuse.
  • Inert Gas Desorption: Ideal for solvents prone to degradation or forming azeotropes (such as THF and CS2), this method uses heated inert gas, usually nitrogen, to strip the solvent, followed by recovery through cooling.
  • Hot Air Regeneration: This newer method concentrates pollutants in complex solvent streams through extended adsorption. Desorption involves hot air flowing through the carbon, and the resulting high-value solvent stream can intermittently power an oxidizer unit (a device that burns pollutants at high temperatures), providing heat or power within the facility.
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