Oil and Gas

Activated carbon plays an important role in various stages of the oil and gas industry, effectively removing harmful contaminants such as sulfur compounds and mercury from oil and gas streams. Activated carbon ensures the production of pure products such as fuels, plastics, lubricants, and asphalt. Additionally, activated carbon prevents damage to industrial equipment by removing impurities and supports the recycling of resources within the industry, promoting both sustainability and efficiency.

Amine and Glycol Recovery

Activated Carbon Solutions products enhance amine and glycol recovery in refineries and gas plants, doubling operational efficiency and offering
substantial cost savings. It helps meet gas specifications, maintain calorific
value, enable cryogenic processes, and recover CO2. Additionally, it reduces
fouling, minimizes downtime, controls foaming, and protects against corrosion, optimizing overall plant performance and asset integrity.
Amine and Glycol Recovery

Hydrocarbon sweetening catalyst support

The mercaptan oxidation process efficiently removes foul-smelling sulfur compounds (mercaptans) from various fuels like LPG, propane, and jet fuel. This process utilizes a specific catalyst on activated carbon, converting mercaptans
into disulfides and making it an effective solution for fuel sweetening.

Mercury removal

For mercury removal from liquid hydrocarbons, the activated carbon is
impregnated with a specific loading of an iodine. This impregnation, along with
the carbon’s tailored pore size and particle size distribution, renders it
particularly effective for this application.
Mercury removal
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