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Activated carbon in the automotive industry, addressing environmental concerns and enhancing vehicle performance. It is instrumental in controlling emissions, purifying cabin air, and contributing to advanced energy storage solutions. The applications of activated carbon in the automotive sector include:

Evaporative Loss Control Devices (ELCD): In gasoline-fueled vehicles, activated carbon efficiently controls evaporative emissions. It helps modern automobiles comply with stringent emission regulations by capturing fuel vapors before they can be released into the atmosphere.

Cabin Air Filter: Activated carbon with high butane and toluene adsorption capacities effectively removes odors, organics, sulfur dioxide, exhaust fumes, and other pollutants from the air entering through ventilation and air conditioning systems, ensuring cleaner cabin air for passengers.

Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) Storage: ANG is a leading technology for onboard natural gas storage. It uses activated carbon as an adsorbent to achieve high volumetric methane storage capacity. The engineered pore structure of activated carbon products maximizes the adsorption and storage of methane, facilitating efficient and cost-effective natural gas storage solutions for vehicles. 

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